Our story.


How we got here.

WTX Development Co is a residential/multi-family developer in Waco, TX. Baylor alumni Harris Arnhart (2013) and William Adamson (1990) rebranded to form WTX in 2021, after five years of operations.

WTX began building student housing around Baylor’s campus and has since grown and expanded into the city of Waco.


Why we do it.

Our goal is to bring quality housing to the city's core.

Waco has changed so much, but its housing market has not. The city and population is growing steadily, and we noticed a demand with no supply. Waco deserves new and innovative housing - one house, townhome, multi-family development at a time.


We know Waco.

WTX has developed over $11M through past developments and have multiple new projects in the works. We are constantly observing real estate trends and looking for new and current areas we can bring our vision to.

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